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① 能不能幫我做一個英語對話,關於一個記者采訪一個人的,關於網上購物的,是對話哦,不是短文,謝謝了,幫

A:What can i do for you?
B:I"m looking for a sweater.
A:Let me show you.What about this one?
A:It's too big for me and I don't like the colour.
B:Let me show you another.This is the most beautiful in my shop.Think abou it,please.It's noy too expensive.It's100yuan.
A:How much is it?
B:It's100yuan.It's worth buying.
A:OH,it is little big for me.Do you have a small size?
B:yes.Wait a minute please.
A:MMM~It fits me very well.OK,I will take it.Here'滑旅燃s the money.
B:Thank you .Goodbye. 這篇是超簡單信虛那種 Shop Assistant:SA
SA:Hello,what can I do for you?
C:I want to buy something follow this list about some toys,one chocolate and a pumpkin.
SA:Ok,wait a moment.
C:Thank you.
SA:These are the things you need,but the pumpkin,I need to go to warehouse to take it here,so sorry for a moment.
C:Ok,I will be here waiting for you.
SA:Ok,just a minute.
SA:Here is your pumpkin,it'鎮臘s very fresh.
C:Yep,thank you.
SA:Here you are these things for you.
C:Thank you,bye.
SA:Bye,welcome here again

② 關於上網體驗的英語對話

1. What were you doing all night?

What were you doing all night?
B:I was chatting with my
friends online.

2. You're joking!

A:I've never tried a BBS before.
B:You're joking!Everybody
does that!

3. I like those internet phrases.

A:I like those internet phrases nowadays.
you need to read them out loud. then you can understand the

4. Don't forget to forward them to me!

A:I've received some funny comics.
B:Don't forget to
forward them to me.

5. Is that the one you chatted with in the

A:Jack,I'm going to see this girl for the first
B:Is that the one you chatted with in the

6. I live there!

A:Do you go to the internet cafe very often?
B:I live

7. Internet cafe

A:What do you do in the internet cafe?
I play computer
games and chat with many people.

8. I'll get one ASAP.

A:Allen,if you had a web camera, we could see each other when we were
B: Great ,I will get one

③ 200分求英語高手幫我寫一篇 關於INTERNET的英文兩人對話


A:Do you think Internet is good?
B:Of course! Internet can help us learn more things.We can find imformations we need.And.....
A:Wait, some people would agree with you.But I don't think so.Because there are many sudents fall in to the Internet can't get out.And their grades come down really quickly.
B:But everyone needs relax. Of course they relaxed a lot.But we can't think Internet is bad.It can help us in many ways.We can visit the school website and learn things we don't know very much,because we are all students.Don't you think so?We can use it in many ways,although some is bad,but not all ways are bad.And we can help others such as by using Zhi of .I think you have used it before.
A:Yeah.It's true.But there is many unhealthy imformations.Such as the eroticism things.You know.
B:But there are still many useful imformations.Why do you only can see the bad things of Internet.
A:Maybe you are right.
Xiao Hua: Hi! Lingling, how are you doing?

Lingling: fine. Thanks. Thank god it is Friday.

Xiao Hua :Yeah. What do you usually do on the weekend? I feel so bored on the weekend.
Lingling: Why don』t you surf on net?There are so many fun things out there.

Xiao Hua :Well, My mom won』t let me get on line. She said that there are so many traps on the internet.She is aftraid that I might get bad influence. like those pornographic sites.
Lingling: She only looks at the negative side of the internet. Actually there are far more positive impacts.
Xiao Hua: Give me some examples, please.
Lingling: Simply by clicking internet button,you can get information about all kinds of topics. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it. Even if you want to have very specific information, you will find it in a short time
Xiao Hua: Tell me some more, please
Lingling: You can socialize with people. I find that I could find better friends on net than in the real world.
Xiao Hua: Really? Sounds interesting.
Lingling: There are social communities on the internet., like English Corners. I often go there to practice my oral English. I don』t feel shy there which I normally do. Now I find that I have made great progress in my oral and written English e to the internet.
Xiao Hua: That』s great. I have been looking for a place to practice my English. I think I will persuade my mom to let me get on line.
Lingling: another big advantage of the internet is the easy access to information and it is very cheap. For example, you may download songs, reading novels, play games. There are many web sites that offer free stuff.
Xiao Hua:I enjoy reading novels, especially those adventures.but my mom said that a lot of children get sick after playing on the computer all day long.
Lingling: She is right. We can』t glue to it all day. It is not good for our eyes. It is not good for our body.We need to go out to inhale fresh air. We need to keep fit in the park.. We need to socialize with real people .
Xiao Hua :Can I voice chat with you tonight? I want you to tell me more about internet.
Sure. I use QQ. You may download one.
Xiao Hua: Ok. See u in QQ then.
Lingling: See you.

I use the internet a lot to study English.


A: Do you use the internet a lot?

A: 你經常使用互聯網嗎?

B: Yes, I do. I go online as often as I can. I use the internet a lot to study English.

B: 是的。我盡可能經常上網。我經常用互聯網學習英語。

A: What kind of things do you do?

A: 你都做些什麼?

B: There're lots of websites with English lessons – and it's good for reading. I check out all kinds of things in English, like music and football.

B: 在很多網站上有英語課程——對閱讀很有好處。我用英語查閱各種東西,像音樂和足球。

A: Yes, I suppose so. You can listen to your favourite songs in English too.

A: 是的,我想是這樣。你還可以收聽你最喜歡的英文歌曲。

B: Yes, it's really fun. It definitely improves my English.

B: 是的,有很多的樂趣。這肯定提高我的英語水平。



1. You can talk about using the internet / using the internet or going online / going online, e.g. I go online to check the websites / I go online to check the websites.

你可以談論using the internet /使用互聯網或者going online /上網。例如:I go online to check the websites /我上網查這個網站。

2. You can also say check out / check out: it means the same as check / check, e.g. I check out the football websites / I check out the football websites. Check out / Check out is also used in hotels and supermarkets, e.g.: I』m checking out of the hotel at 12 / I』m checking out of the hotel at 12; In the supermarket, you pay at the check-out / In the supermarket, you pay at the check-out.

你還可以說check out /查找:它的意思和check /查看的意思相同。例如:I check out the football websites /我查找足球網站。Check out /結帳還用在旅館和超市裡。例如:I』m checking out of the hotel at 12 / 我將在12點鍾退房; In the supermarket, you pay at the check-out /在超市,你在收銀處付錢。

3. Definitely / definitely means the same as certainly / certainly, e.g. It definitely improves my English / It definitely improves my English.

Definitely /無疑地和certainly /當然的意思一樣。例如:It definitely improves my English /這無疑會提高我的英語水平。



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